Dr Milica Veselinović


Dr Milica Veselinović

Dr Milica Veselinović has many years of experience in non-surgical anti-age procedures and has all the certificates required for performing treatments in the A1 Aesthetic Studio.

After graduating from the Faculty of Dental Medicine, Dr. Veselinović focused on further education and professional development in the field of non-surgical aesthetic medicine, both in Serbia and abroad. Presently, she is attending specialist training in dental prosthetics.

She was among the first doctors in Serbia who learned from Dr. Mauricio de Maio, the most famous globally recognized plastic surgeon; she started applying hyaluronic fillers by using MD Codes, as well as treatment plans based on the patient’s emotional characteristics. Dr. Veselinović keeps pace with innovation and is always among the first to apply new products.

Owing to many years of work experience in private practice, she gained trust of both young and older patients. She has an individual approach to each patient; upon a thorough analysis of the patient’s condition, she makes a treatment plan together with the patient, and uses premium materials in order to achieve better, more natural and long-lasting results.