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Zirconia Centre

Following the latest trends and innovations, the A1 Dental Studio has established the Zirconia Centre, specialized for digital dentistry and the application of zirconia. In this centre we combine supreme materials and state-of-the-art technologies in order to offer the best possible service to our patients.


Zirconium is one of the most advanced materials today, used even in space industry. When combined with digital dentistry – the results are revolutionary.

At the Zirconia Centre, crowns or bridges are made completely digitally. This yields exceptional results and provides a comfortable experience for the patient. We use the best possible scanner for making digital impressions, as well as ceramics and machines for making premium-quality crowns. Today, there is no difference if you have your crown made in New York, Tokyo, London, or here in Serbia – in Vračar, at the heart of Belgrade.


It is no longer necessary to explain to patients what their teeth will look like. Before the procedure, we create a 3D simulation of the patient’s future smile using digital scans and photographs! When the patient says – That’s it! – we continue with the process.

As a next step, we place in the patient’s mouth what the patient saw on the screen, so as to gain a complete impression about the final result of the treatment. It is only when we learn what the patient’s expectations and desires are, provided that they are in accordance with all the rules of dental practice, that we embark upon the procedure. 


After the teeth are prepared for crown placement, we make a digital impression by an intraoral scanner, which is then sent to the dental technician by a click on the screen. Based on the clearly defined shape and length of the teeth, which the patient saw in his/her mouth, the technician creates a virtual design. 

The next step is the crown prototype fitting. Crown prototypes are made of plastic according to the designed shape. This is the final fitting for your new smile. Patients can see the design of the crowns in the mirror and what their smile will look like; they can also point to anything that they do not like. At this stage, corrections are extremely simple and fast, after which everything is ready for making a zirconia crown.    



We use the premium brands of zirconia blocks which are processed in powerful CNC machines to produce crowns. Monolithic and multilayer crowns are dominant in our practice. Monolithic crowns are entirely made of zirconia blocks, without adding any layers of ceramics, which is why they are much less prone to breaking than those made of any other material known so far. As for multilayer crowns, the crown colour is gradable, which provides a unique natural appearance. 



In the digital era, do not let your smile be created in any other way but digital. 

All that you want to know about zirconia crowns can be found on our website