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Digital Smile Design

Each smile is distinct. It is therefore extremely important that it is in harmony with the proportions and shape of the face, as well as with personality and age.  It should also be in accordance with the psychological characteristics and emotional aspects of each individual.

Digital Smile Design is a state of the art instrument in aesthetic dentistry, enabling each patient to create the ideal solution for his smile together with his doctor. In a step by step process, functionality and the patient’s needs and desires merge with the best aesthetic solution.

Digital Smile Design (DSD) is a concept which simulates the final outcome of dental treatment by means of computer technology.

By way of professional photo equipment and modern computer technologies, information is gathered and made available to different specialists, who jointly decide on possible therapies tailored for each patient. Through high resolution photographs and video recordings of the patient, it is possible to gain a more thorough insight into the proportions between the lips, teeth, gums and face in motion. The pupils and the distance between them, the position of lip angles and the facial centreline are also taken into account. A series of mathematical measurements are implemented in order to verify symmetry and the proportions of the face and teeth, after which the process of designing a new smile continues. The final plan, changing from digital into real based on relevant mathematical calculations, is presented to the patient. The virtual simulation of different therapeutic spheres enables the patient to examine and select the solution which he likes most. It is exactly this predictability that is considered the advantage of the DSD method; in other words, before any dental intervention takes place, the patient is able to see the final outcome, which he can discuss, or even alter, with his dentist. This is yet another advantage of the DSD concept – better communication between the patient and the doctor. The treatment starts only after a thorough and precise analysis and the visualisation of the final outcome. 

Owing to the Digital Smile Design method, each patient can immediately learn what his dream smile looks like.