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Aesthetic Facial Treatments

In addition to healthy teeth and a beautiful smile, more and more people desire a youthful and fresh appearance. Our smile is directly connected with facial aesthetics. As dentists, we know the structure of the face very well, and we understand the processes which cause aging, as well as the methods aimed at slowing these processes down, in order to act preventively and achieve more youthful looks.

This is why we go beyond dental medicine. For all those who, in addition to a beautiful smile, desire a youthful face – we have established the A1 Aesthetic Studio. Here we provide the most advanced medical technology and facial aesthetic treatments which will make your face look as beautiful as your teeth!

Aging is the result of different changes in all the layers of the skin. If skin treatments and care are started at the right age, the process of aging is less visible and slowed down.


The doctors at the A1 Aesthetic Studio precisely determine the condition of your skin and make a treatment plan within which they apply premium materials for better, more natural and long-lasting results. For each procedure we use a topical anesthetic in the form of a cream, which makes all procedures painless.

Thus, in addition to a perfect smile, we enable our patients to feel perfect in their own skin!

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