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Style italiano

Style Italiano is a movement in aesthetic and restorative dentistry aimed at satisfying the needs of modern man, which means that a visit to the dentist needs to be short, while restorations must be precise, functionally perfect and aesthetically more than satisfying. Walter Devoto and Angelo Putignano, founders of Style Intaliano, are renowned dentists who decided to selflessly share their knowledge with us, owing to which we are now able to apply this type of composite restoration in everyday practice. 

Style Italiano promoted and perfected composite restorations and put them in the league of ceramic restorations in terms of aesthetics. Conservative dentistry made progress due to the better knowledge of the colour of teeth and their anatomical and morphological characteristics, as well as of composite materials. As a result, now you can get composite restorations, such as overlays and vineers, in only a couple of hours. 

It is our goal to offer our patients the best possible aesthetic results in the shortest time possible by applying Style Italiano methods.

When non-metal crowns or vineers are not inevitable, composite overlay or  vineers could be a faster and more convenient, and yet a very satisfying option. If a large part of dental substance is missing, by using this method we can cover a large dental surface and restore the lost morphology, change the colour, correct imperfections,.... Restorations in question are minimally invasive, their reparation is fast and easy, and their aesthetics excellent.  

The founders and the best lecturers of the Style Italiano team hold master courses several times a year in Santa Margharita Ligire in Italy. Owing to them and to our constant professional development, we can offer our patients state-of-the art solutions, using the best materials available.